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Patriot Phone -- The Ultimate Privacy Solution

Patriot Phone Anonymous Telephone Service is ideal for people that would like to conceal their location and their telephone number. From any location in the world you can place calls using your iPhone, Android or Windows computer anonymously! Additionally you can purchase an incomming number, set your own Caller ID and record your calls! This service works with 99% of all ip phones including wired Desktop Models.

You can also use your existing landline phones by using a voip Adapter.

How it Works: You place an order. We send your account information via email including a link to download the softphone. You install the softphone app on your computer, iPhone or Android. You open the softphone app and start making anonymous telephone calls. Place your order here today! Please contact us with your questions.

Patriot Phone -- Anonymous Phone Access

Call and Order Today! 1-888-288-3392

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